Parking & Car Wash Services

Parking Information

One Two Pru features an on-site, indoor parking garage that allows you to park at your convenience. Located conveniently off of Lower Wacker Drive, tenants enjoy direct access to our parking garage.

Please note: the clearance for incoming vehicles is 6'6".

Rates for the Parking Garage are as follows:

Less than 30 minutes: $14.00
30 minutes to 1 hour $18.00
1 hour to 2 hours $24.00
2 hours to 12 hours $32.00
12 hours to 24 hours $38.00

One Two Pru has a ChargePoint Electric Vehicle Charging Station, located on P2. To sign up for an account, click here. Contact the Parking Garage to set up a charging time for your vehicle.

Early Morning Special: $17.00

  • In between 4:30 AM - 8:00 AM, out by 8:00 PM, (Monday through Friday)

Evening Special: $17.00

  • In after 4:00 PM, out by 8:00 AM (Monday through Friday)

Weekend Special (Daily): $18.00

  • Saturday-Sunday & Holidays

Monthly Parking Rate

  • Monthly Parking Rate: $353.00
  • Monthly Reserved Parking Rate: $560.00
  • Monthly Evening Parking Rate: $150.00

For more information regarding the Parking Garage, please contact:

Date Assadji
Parking Garage Manager
(312) 819-6877


One Two Pru offers Car Wash Services on-site within the Parking Garage. Rates for Car Wash Services are as follows:


Wash (Interior Vacuum): $23.00
Mid-Size Trucks & SUVs: $26.00
Full-Size Trucks & SUVs: $29.00


Wash & Hand Wax: $75.00
Zymol Hand Wax: $120.00
Wash & Wax, High Speed Buff: $125.00
Interior Detail (Wash included): $115.00
Complete Interior & Exterior Detail: $220.00


Shampoo Floor Mats: $15.00
Shampoo All Carpets & Mats: $50.00
Clean & "Lexol" Treat All Leather: $50.00
All Interior Vinyl "Armor All" Treatment: $30.00

For more information regarding Car Wash Services, please contact:

Date Assadji
Parking Garage Manager
(312) 819-6877
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